Blissa Nova

by Johan Christher Schütz

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Second album from Swedish singer/songwriter J.C. Schutz, further exploring the Brazilian music traditions, this time with 5 new translations of classic jazz songs, all fully authorized. Released 2007.


released September 25, 2007

All songs written by J.C. Schutz except where noted.
English translations by J.C. Schutz

J.C. Schutz – vocals & guitar, cavaquinho, percussion, programmings, drums
Aline de Lima – vocals [2]
Peter Asplund – trumpet & flugelhorn
Karin Hammar – trombone
Sebastian Notini – pandeiro, tam-tam, shakers, congas, tamborim, percussion & drums
Henrik Sundqvist – fender rhodes & piano
Niklas Hakegård – acoustic grand piano
Micke Sehlstedt – percussion & drums
Glenn Fransson – acoustic bass
Bosse Lindman – electric fretless bass
Peter Bruun – udu, percussion
Katarina Nilsson – backing vocals
Harald Erici – piano
Pelle Hansen – cello

SAMBA CHORUS on "Little Stream":
Ann-Sofie Lundh, Heléne Blad, Katarina Nilsson,
Johan Pettersson, Rickard Beurling

Produced by J.C. Schutz.
Mixed by J.C. Schutz apart from [4] and [9] mixed by Tommy Ekman.
Mastered by Ricardo Garcia at Magic Master Studio, Rio de Janeiro.



all rights reserved


Johan Christher Schütz Sweden

Johan Christher Schutz is a Swedish singer, composer & lyricist searching his way through personally blended landscapes, with one foot in the world music soil (mainly Brazilian, Cuban and European) and the other on the musical theatre stage.

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Track Name: Plunge Into The Miracle
Plunge Into The Miracle
Music & lyrics: J.C. Schütz.
© J.C. Schütz.

Time goes so fast
As the shadows are cast
And the darkness is vast
But we are here to fight

I make my bet
Without fear or regret
Now the stage has been set
And we must face the light

So I take the plunge into the miracle of you
You have made me follow my heart
And master the art of being alive

I'm in the pink
There is no missing link
We can be what we think
We can choose where to steer

So I take the plunge into the miracle of you
You have made me follow my heart
And master the art of being alive
Track Name: This Sadness (Tristeza)
This Sadness
Music & lyrics: Luiz Bonfa/Maria Toledo. English lyrics by J.C. Schütz.
© Peermusic AB

This sadness is showing no mercy
And here in my music it always takes part
This sadness is twined with the beauty
That always have lived in the depth of my heart

There's beauty and grief in the flower
That knows what it's worth even without perfume
There's beauty and grief in the rain
When this sadness is helping the blossoms to bloom

Camelia, you're easing my load
You're adorning a happier road
This beauty is proof that the day will be won
With the grace of the sun

Tristeza é uma coisa sem graça
Mas sempre fez parte da minha canção
Tristeza se uniu à beleza
Que sempre existiu no meu coração

Beleza é a tristeza da flor que nasceu
Sem perfume mas tem seu valor
Beleza é a tristeza da chuva
Num dia de sol a chorar lá do céu

Beleza é a camélia que vai
Enfeitar um caminho feliz
Beleza é o descanso do sol
Quando surge o luar no céu
Track Name: When Happiness Attacks
When Happiness Attacks
Music & lyrics: J.C. Schütz.
© J.C. Schütz

What is this happiness?
You make a lucky guess
That gives the colourless
Pigments and life

Don't stake your happiness
If your life has blessed you
With peaceful rest from strife

No, just relax
When happiness attacks
And let it fill the cracks
That run across your tracks
To happiness

What is this happiness?
You made a lucky guess
That gave the colourless
Pigments and life
Track Name: Difficult
Music & lyrics: J.C. Schütz.
© J.C. Schütz.

Why must it be so hard?
Intriguingly impossible
No matter how we try
This country seems uncrossable

There's something in our way
That we couldn't pass without a pair of wings
But why must it be so easy to make things

Go easy on yourself
Be faithful and intuitive
There's nothing to expect
The pain will teach us to forgive

There's something ...

It takes a while to learn
That you can't always be serious
Some stones are best unturned
Don't ruin the mysterious

There's something ...
Track Name: I Came From Bahia (Eu Vim da Bahia)
I Came From Bahia
(Eu Vim da Bahia)
Music & lyrics: Gilberto Gil. English lyrics by J.C. Schütz.
© Preta Music, Inc.

I came
I came from Bahia to sing
I came from Bahia to bring out
the beauty it left within me
This is where my heart always will be
With my land, with my sky and my sea
My Bahia is here to let us learn
to live our life without concern

It's where people don't have food to eat
But we're friendly and happy to greet you
with hope and with faith
We know that the arms of the saints
keep us safe
and help us to sing and take pride
When we dance samba they're on our side
When we're dying of joy
In street celebrations,
In rhythmical glee
And in moon contemplations
At the edge of the sea

I came from Bahia
But I'm gonna return
I came from Bahia
One of these days I'm gonna return
Track Name: Be For Real
Be For Real
Music & lyrics: J.C. Schütz.
© J.C. Schütz.

It's so empty
And I'm thumbing through the pictures of your laughter
I'm unfocused almost as if it would be the morning after
When the hours seem like years that never end

And the message
That you left, you know I never could delete it
Yes, I'm crazy, what's the news? I need your madness
to complete it
It's so perfect that it's hard to comprehend

But if it's true
That time will heal just as they say
Then I will live my life from day to day
And be dependent on a worn cliché
So if it's true
That there's no wound too big to heal
Then there's no earthly love too big to feel
You have to open up your heart
To be for real

Yes, I've missed you
And I'm glad you don't know how my head's been spinning
How can something wrong feel so miraculous
from the beginning?
Now the fragrance of your hair returns again

But if it's true ...
Track Name: What Good Are Tears (Pra que chorar)
What Good Are Tears
(Pra que chorar)
Music & lyrics: Baden Powell/Vinicius de Moraes. English lyrics by J.C. Schütz.
© Scandinavian Songs AB

What good are tears
When the morning sun appears
And the day already has begun

What good is pain
You should know that after rain
There's always a new sun

What good are tears
When there is love
Sometimes you must let it grow
Sometimes you must let it go

Who wouldn't grieve?
Who wouldn't disbelieve?
But some things aren't meant to stay

What good are tears?
What good is pain?
There's always a new love
Waiting at the break of day
Track Name: Aurora
Music & lyrics: J.C. Schütz
© J.C. Schütz.

You were the dawn of my life
An aurora over Rio when you see it from above
With you I was madly alive
So I'm sorry, but you overwhelmed me
With your warm and honest love

So thank you for your kisses and carinho
I guess from here I go sozinho
But I'm so happy you were crossing my caminho

Thanks for every miracle
We shook out of the blue
You know it breaks my heart
To go on without you
Track Name: One Moment's Bliss
One Moment's Bliss
Music & lyrics: J.C. Schütz.
© J.C. Schütz.

Deep inside
Deep inside of me my fears collide
I won't hide no matter how it feels
I can't stop the turning of the wheels

Here we are
Here we are beneath this shooting star
Make a wish of something overdue
Coming true is all that dreams can do

Now I have realised what life is all about
I'll never live another day dressed up in doubt
There's no reason to dismiss
That what we have is all there is
Then why deny ourselves and live without
One moment's bliss

I feel bad
I feel bad that I have made you sad
But I had no other way to turn
Why build bridges that you'll have to burn?

Now I have realised ...

Porque não gostar da vida?
Porque não gostar da vida?
Track Name: Prayer
Music & lyrics: J.C. Schütz.
© J.C. Schütz.

Was it all a lesson I must learn
Or what they call a simple twist of fate?
But everything will come to those who wait
I guess that means I'm speaking out of turn

Please, pick up the phone!
Please, pick up the phone!

I can't find a reason or a rhyme
Could collecting dreams be a mistake?
Too bad this vaccination didn't take
In our next life we'll find a better time

Please, pick up the phone!
Please, pick up the phone!
Track Name: Caged Birds
Caged Birds
Music & lyrics: J.C. Schütz.
© J.C. Schütz

Agora abro a gaiola
Você faz como quiser
Obrigado por tudo

I can understand your doubt
I know what it's about
I feel the same disorder
But is everything so dead
That life hangs by a thread?
Where do you draw the border?

You and I have something they can't touch
Like the sky - impossible to clutch
Let them try - we'll never take their fake words
You and I have something they can't strain
We'll get by - we're both immune to pain
And that's why we'll never be enchained
Like caged birds

This world seems to insecure
When less and less is sure
There's so much to desire
I have carved my love in stone
At least we're not alone
Here in the line of fire

Fly now!
Don't be scared to try your wings
Listen to your heart and follow where it flings
You can tell a bird is happy when it sings

You and I ...
Track Name: Wonderful Is Brief (Underbart är kort)
Wonderful Is Brief
(Underbart är kort)
Music & lyrics: Povel Ramel. English lyrics by J.C. Schütz.
© Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia AB.

Only one single rose on an endless briar
Gloom in life is almost entire
But wonderful is brief
Thoroughly too brief

If you are walking streets that are dark and narrow
The sun will reach you swift as an arrow
Because wonderful is brief
Thoroughly too brief

On each summer field
There's never more than one four-leaf clover
Have your pick!
It's almost like the only time you find
The friend you need to start over
But just be quick!
Or else your joy will turn to grief
Wonderful is brief
Thoroughly too brief
Track Name: Little Stream (Den lilla bäcken) [bonus track]
Little Stream
(Den lilla bäcken)
Music & lyrics: Allan Edwall. English lyric by J.C. Schütz.
© National Songs/Bonnier Music Publishing.

I was a child with pure and precious senses
And on my being the sun was bound to shine
My life was new, no memories or fences
The moon was full and gliding close behind
And I was young, so proud and firmly grounded
I gladly lived with animals and trees
Inside my veins no worries ever pounded
And still my heart was pure and filled with peace

The little stream runs towards the river
The river ends in an endless sea
And what remains is a single sliver
Of what that stream used to be

And I grew up and learned to hold my horses
I learned to do what you're supposed to do
I learned to choke my pain and stay my courses
And blame myself for things I can't undo
I watch the world through glances of the dying
I buy my peace with others' restlessness
I steal my strength instead of really trying
And now I snore with spiritual distress

The little stream ...

I'm like the mouse, I keep things without purpose
The only difference is that I'm collecting years
We learn to lie as if it wouldn't hurt us
And tell the truth along with bitter tears
Here in my mouth the words have turned so tasteless
It's like a plant that we forgot to tend
My faith is weak, I'm timorous and faceless
It's all just 'Start', 'The middle' and 'The end'

The little stream ...

La la la la ...

Den lilla bäcken mot älven rinner
Och älven rinner mot stora hav
Och aldrig någonsin mer du finner
Var lilla bäcken blev av